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All of the pictures on this page were taken in 2001, Sampson's last year of life.  Even though he fully recovered from the scare on September 2000 (see the last page for details) he definitely was beginning to slow down, and we realized our time with our dear friend was nearing it's close.  Therefore, we took a lot of pictures of him.  Some of our favorites are on this page. 

Sampson loved to curl up outside on the deck, where he could enjoy the outdoors, while still being close to us in the house.

Snoozing on deck Snoozing on Deck 

Deck Steps


Inside, he loved to hang out on the couch.  He was big enough to pretty well fill it up, although as some of the shots show, he'd share it with Tim.  The head shot below is one of our favorite pictures of him.

  Sampson on Couch Sampson on Couch Sampson on CouchTim & Sampson on Couch Tim & Sampson on Couch

During fall cleanup, just weeks before he died, he snoozed near a big pile of vegetation from the garden.  Sampson loved to accompany us during all types of yard work.  He'd only get in the way if we didn't stop once in awhile to give him some love.

Fall Snooze Fall Snooze

As we've mentioned before, Sampson always had to have something in his mouth, usually a ball (and usually a ball stolen from the neighbor kids).  The following pictures show him is with one of his favorite "stolen" balls, playing with the two of us.

Cathy & Sampson Cathy & Sampson

Cathy & SampsonTim & Sampson

Tim & Sampson  Cathy & Sampson

Cathy & Sampson  Cathy & Sampson

Tim & Sampson

Cathy & Sampson SnoozingIn this extremely cute picture, Sampson and Cathy take a snooze together on the living room floor.

Sampson in KennelSampson had an outdoor kennel space, which he collected lots of balls, toys, and other items he'd somehow gain just by being out in the yard.  Since he was hard of hearing toward the end of his life, we could take this picture without him realizing we were there.


These final two pictures are emotional for us to look at, as they were taken just an hour or so before Sampson left us forever.  His kidney disease had worsened greatly, to the point where he hadn't eaten for several days, and could barely stand up.  We had made arrangements with the vet to put him to sleep the following morning, but Sampson left us naturally the evening October 16, 2001.  He is still sorely missed.

Cathy with Sampson Final Shot    Tim with Sampson Final Shot

We hope you have enjoyed our tribute to our longtime canine friend.  

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