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Young Sampson
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We have not had a lot of luck finding good pictures of Sampson at a young age.  However, we did find some old photos, and scanned them here to help show Sampson as he was a young puppy.  We hope to eventually find more (and better) photos, and of course we will post them here if we do.

Tim's family adopted Sampson as 3-month old puppy in 1988, after their previous dog had died the previous winter in a freak accident.  Tim was a senior in high school at the time, and the two bonded quickly.  

These two pictures are the oldest pictures of Sampson that we can currently find.  They were taken in May, 1989, when Sampson was about a year and a half old.  Sampson was used to finish off a roll of film from Tim's college band European tour.  Sampson filled very little of the 3x5" snapshot, only about a 1/2" x 1x2" area.  The pictures below have been enlarged and cropped, but are fuzzy because of the original size.

 Young Sampson    Young Sampson


Sampson Self PortraitThis picture was taken as part of a photography class project when Tim was in college, in approximately 1990.  Sampson would have been about two in this picture.  The project assignment was "self portrait", and the object was to take a picture which described something about yourself, without actually just taking your own picture.  Tim decided to take this picture of Sampson, purposely allowing his own shadow to be part of the picture.

The remaining pictures below were taken in 1992, when Tim's brother Mike brought Diane, the person who would eventually become his wife home to our family for the first time.  Pictured with Sampson, are Mike, Tim, and Diane.  The yellow floodlights that were on Mom's deck at the time give these pictures some interesting lighting effects.

  Tim, Mike, and Sampson       Mike & Sampson


Tim, Sampson, and Mike     Diane & Sampson

Mike dancing with Sampson

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