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Welcome to the Vault-- where we store odds and ends from the past where they can still be enjoyed. 

The first item in the vault is our Wedding Website.  We designed this site for our wedding guests the Spring and Summer of 1999, before our October wedding.  It is presented here, in it's entirety, and original condition, for your viewing pleasure.

Recently we moved to a new home, and decided to create a virtual tour of our previous home for safekeeping as well (after all, we had many great memories there).  Feel free to come and virtually visit our previous home anytime, here on the web.

We've also preserved the old logos, featuring our old home, on this page.

Finally, we have a page commemorating Twin Cities MIDI, a website Tim created and administrated from 1994-1997, and is still alive today.


Welcome to!  Feel free to browse around using the buttons to the left margin of every page, or use the search function in the left margin of the home page.  Thanks for stopping by!

Don't miss, our other website dedicated to our Christmas displays and celebrating Christmas all year 'round!


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