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Here are some sites we find useful, fun, informative, or generally spend some time:

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Misc. Links

We've bought many things, and sold quite a few too, on this site where you can literally find just about anything.

Google GroupsA sub-site of the excellent Google search engine, this site indexes newsgroups on just about any topic you can think of.  We've used it for things ranging from home repair to pet care to programming help.  It was formerly known as DejaNews.

Yahoo GamesTim's semi-addicted to playing Yahoo Hearts, and they have a lot of other card and board games too.

f ya wanna know what's goin' on in the Twin Cities, check out the Strib! 

Friends, Family, 'n' Stuff

FischerMusic.comFISCHERMUSIC.COM Tim's brother Mike is a professional pianist, and this is the website of his music company.  On it, you can check out and listen to some of his music, as well as purchase CD's and other items.

aye verily .com is the website of Mark Luethje, a friend of Tim's from college days. 

Christmas Stuff

Christmas Websites:  
on't miss our page of Christmas Links in the Christmas section of this website.  Since our display is a year-round planning effort,  these sites are always our 'favorites'!

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